When Being Unhappy Is Okay

From a very early age I was taught that when you go into work put on your polite, unfazed black girl corporate face and voice. I’ve held onto that sentiment for almost over a decade that I’ve been in the working sector. Constantly, I have coached myself to push down my feelings, be extra helpful and smile.


However, I  am beginning to think that is not the wisest of advice or at least my strict adherence to it has not been the wisest of decisions. Constantly, I find myself in this position where I am unhappy at work, while mostly in the past I’ve blamed it not working in the field/industry that I desired.  Now that that is no longer true, I have been more introspective on how and why I feel the way I do.  I have narrowed my unhappiness to three reason and/or causes.


  1. Expecting a lot of (even perfection) from myself, but not having any expectations of my boss and/or senior co-workers and how they can play a role in my success or growth within a company.


  1. Believing that just because I have a job, I should just blindly be grateful and content like the others around me.  Additionally, that having (any) job equals me being a worthy person.


  1. Not speaking up when I am threatened with microagressions or just plain losing my sense of having a voice amid the big “corporation” .


Proudly, I proclaim that yes I am unhappy and I am glad for it. It lets me know that I am not complacent and that I value myself, my work and my intelligence. Reminds me that I am alive. Reminds me that there is something new and challenging on the horizon. It’s the fuel that propels me to constantly chase after my goals and use my natural talents.

Soooo yea I am unhappy right now, but change is just right around the corner.

Written by: Chelle



Dressing like your ‘other half’ is IN

The Kooples, an obvious slang terminology for “couple” is a relatively new French fashion brand that is looking to spread its love of coupledom around the world. While in Paris you couldn’t go a couple blocks without seeing another The Kooples store location, it is safe to say they have saturated the Paris market. So naturally they have taken the next step towards expansion beLogo_The_Kooplesyond Europe and into the United States. Currently, they have 2 stores in New York City and 2 stores in Los Angeles as well as you can find select items at luxury-departments stores such as Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. You are out of luck though if you do not live near NYC, LA or a high-end department store as their online shop in the US is still a month away from its launch.

So what can you expect to find in store? The store is separated into two sides, one containing women’s wear and the other side menswear. Yet there is an underlining feeling of androgyny in many of the garments, which allows for couples to share wardrobes. The clothing is casual in nature from t-shirts, minimalistic dresses and rugged jeans. You can expect to spend $65 for a tissue-weight jersey t-shirt, $150 for a pair of skinny jeans and about $700 for a lambskin leather jacket.

The Kooples is the epitome of cool dressing as the brand uses lux materials and rock-inspired styling to draw in its consumer. As a lifestyle brand there is a certain magnetism, once in store there is a vibe of effortless cool and immediately I want to be a part of The Kooples tribe. While The Kooples makes it cool to be a couple, as a singleton I am still intrigued enough with the brand to cop a couple of items.

~ Chelle




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