Queen Tut Presents “Cantaloupe”: The Look book

Inspired by Queen Tut and Q The Sun’s avant-garde  juke single “Cantaloupe”, this lookbook’s visual and sound is yet another declaration of Queen tut’s true-to-self-image, smooth lyricism, and passion for her art.  This lookbook personifies the femcee’s lyrics through bold prints, soft pastels, bright neons, and whole lot of black girl/boy magic! There’s eclectic influences, deep synths and high booms  throughout the entire audio track creating this bold visual presented before our eyes.



 Cantaloupe: The Lookbook was shot by MKE based photographer Mahdi Gransberry, whose fresh interpretation of  Wisconsin hip hop renaissance has gained him recognition, and inspired this collaboration.  Tut promotes individuality, black beauty, and personal style in this unique, boundary-pushing editorial. With the assistance of Fashionable Demand’s creative set-director Michael Ja’Ameer, plus the aid of multi-talented artist & choreographers Britell Higgens & Shaverick Allen, Queen Tut steps closer to the goal of bridging Mke’s music scene with the waves that are happening throughout New York City.



The full Look book is featured on Queen Tut’s Instagram !

“Cantaloupe” can be streamed below !


Brooklyn Photographer Chris Callaway presents “The Outsiders”

“The Outsiders” is a series of photos focusing on personal-style driven individuals throughout the boroughs of Brooklyn and NY. Being a Brooklyn citizen himself Chris is often surrounded by fashionable peers and colleagues,many of which he’s created amazing images with. Our collaboration with Chris Callaway for this project came to fruition from the fateful moment our very own creative director, Michael Ja’Ameer (literally) bumped into Chris in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY with the ever stylish freelance artist at his side Tevin Shaton. Call it fate or mere luck, but Chris happened to be shooting for Brooklyn Magazine’s September street style issue, the encounter eventually landed Michael on the cover of the September issue.


(Brooklyn mag cover via – Chris Callaway )

Fast forward to now, we got the opportunity to work with Chris and many amazing NY artists on this photo-series exploring the personal style, and confidence that “The Outsiders” exude. This series captures that raw organic vibe that you wont see in your everyday fashion tabloids or blogs, so that’s the focus that Chris aimed for as we shot in various boroughs throughout NY. This series is channeling many aesthetics but keeping it raw, pure and directly from us!

The story of the chosen, Rose Golden – Kudi


Personal style doesn’t have to meet the conditions of whats a “look” or whats “trendy“, all of the artists featured have pushed through those boundaries and created a space that lets us be ourselves.

Fashionable demand gives a huge thanks to photographer Chris and the amazing artist we got to work with on this series, for more follow the link below!

Callway images

How I Survived a 90-day Dating Experiment

I am the Queen of “situationships“. In fact, for almost all of my 20’s that’s all I’ve known. Was I afraid of commitment? Hmmm…not exactly, more like I never understood the true value of my companionship and diluted FWBs into “just friends”.

Constantly convincing myself that we are just friends knowing that my feelings were stronger. Believing that if I turned a blind-eye to my feelings that I would be invincible to any kind of hurt. In our age of millisecond attention spans and an increased pool of “dateable people” at our fingertips think Tinder. It’s increasingly harder to garner the sincere attention and effort from a potential bae.

love-locksSo how does a woman like myself find herself in a 90-day dating experiment? How else, but by force! A supernatural force that was outside of my control that compelled me to give a man totally off my radar a chance. So on March 23rd, 2016 I accepted his offer to enter into a 90-day dating trial. The terms of the agreement were to date exclusively and wholly give our energy, trust and focus on getting to know each other. At the end of the 90-days, we would evaluate and then make a decision about whether to continue our courtship or not.

I tend to deal with most experiences in my life on an intellectual level first before it passes (if it ever makes it) onto emotional, spiritual and/or physical levels. So mentally this seemed like a brilliant idea! I mean there were concrete guidelines, a solid deadline, and seemingly mutual desire. What happened within the 90-days tested me farther than my analytical brain could handle.


First off, men were coming out of the woodwork! I’m talking about men I hadn’t spoken to in months and in some cases even years. It’s like they could smell that the tide had turned and they no longer could get my attention whenever they pleased. Secondly, I had to get used to being a “we”. I really struggled with the fact that I was no longer just Chelle, but now Chelle with a bae. Every time someone started a conversation they’d ask how “we” or he is doing before asking how I am. I could rant about that for ages…but I will refrain. Lastly, my choices and decisions were no longer just based on my singular desires or whims. I actually had to take into account a whole another person. These are just the things that I battled with internally.


Within the physical world, bae and I went through a series of trials during the 90-days. We lost friends, went through a family death and the grieving process. He experienced my crazy female tendencies a.k.a me going through his phone and (not-so) sweetly telling a chick off. I tried to break-up with him almost 30-days into the process due to pressure from my family. We met each other’s families and friends. Survived a weekend trip to LA, as well as a couple of road-trips. All while trying to balance work, family, friends and self.

I must say that it has been the most transformative 90-days of my life. I learned how self-less I can be, but also how selfish I still really am. Yet, now I know how open and full my heart can be when it is focused on a singular desire.

So how did I survive this 90-day experiment? There were two central ingredients; commitment and love. First I know that he loves me, no questioning and no doubting. Our foundation is purely based on a concrete level of respect and love. The biggest takeaway from this experiment is that I can in fact commit. Which is what I did, on our 90th day I committed!


29, The Wonder Year

Less than 5 short months away, I will be turning the BIG 3-0. So as I start to reminisce over the last decade of my life. Honestly…truly (in my Joanne the Scammer voice) I can say that it has been a complete (thrill) ride. As I go into what I know are going to be the best years of my life yet! It is with pleasure that I give an ode to being 29 or as I fondly call it, “The Wonder Year”.



Maybe some people have reached this level already, but at 29 I am actually comfortable with people not liking me. In fact, it has become increasingly amusing to me that there are people that just aren’t going to like me or understand me for absolutely no reason. I seriously get a chuckle at the fact that others’ insecurities cause them to dislike me so much that they actually put energy into not liking me. Which I have summarized is a source of power and I’ll take it.

In contrast, I find myself crawling out of my twenty-something selfishness becoming sensitive to the pain and struggles of others. My interests no longer center around my own happiness, rather I want everyone to be lifted to their greater sense of self. So open-heartedly I dive into the recesses of my mind, use my spiritual guidance and utilize the resources around me to impart wisdom when necessary. Or give knowledge and/or resources where needed.


After almost three decades I can see the results of poor decisions or even great decisions. What is even better is that I have enough life experience to not fall into those life traps again. Yet, I am still young enough to believe I have time to still struggle with finding my voice, work towards my passions and eating healthfully.

My greatest blessing so far, is that after 30 years I still have some of the greatest people around me. My parents! I am ever so grateful that they are the best people in my life. They have worked so hard to provide a stable and nourishing life for me. Forever I am indebted to them for sacrificing so much, working tirelessly so that I can have a solid foundation. As they near retirement my only wish is that they enjoy it. Take big risks. Travel. Live lavishly as possible. Also, I wish that they would not worry so much about me and trust that they have instilled within me their very best, which I promise to use every ounce of. I (kind of) got this and if I don’t I am blessed enough to still have their counsel.

Twenty-nine revolutions around this earth has surely grounded me a bit. Yet, I am more ready for where the next 29 will take me. So I’ll bid ado to my twenties and enter into my grown and sexy thirties.



When Being Unhappy Is Okay

From a very early age I was taught that when you go into work put on your polite, unfazed black girl corporate face and voice. I’ve held onto that sentiment for almost over a decade that I’ve been in the working sector. Constantly, I have coached myself to push down my feelings, be extra helpful and smile.


However, I  am beginning to think that is not the wisest of advice or at least my strict adherence to it has not been the wisest of decisions. Constantly, I find myself in this position where I am unhappy at work, while mostly in the past I’ve blamed it not working in the field/industry that I desired.  Now that that is no longer true, I have been more introspective on how and why I feel the way I do.  I have narrowed my unhappiness to three reason and/or causes.


  1. Expecting a lot of (even perfection) from myself, but not having any expectations of my boss and/or senior co-workers and how they can play a role in my success or growth within a company.


  1. Believing that just because I have a job, I should just blindly be grateful and content like the others around me.  Additionally, that having (any) job equals me being a worthy person.


  1. Not speaking up when I am threatened with microagressions or just plain losing my sense of having a voice amid the big “corporation” .


Proudly, I proclaim that yes I am unhappy and I am glad for it. It lets me know that I am not complacent and that I value myself, my work and my intelligence. Reminds me that I am alive. Reminds me that there is something new and challenging on the horizon. It’s the fuel that propels me to constantly chase after my goals and use my natural talents.

Soooo yea I am unhappy right now, but change is just right around the corner.

Written by: Chelle


IN Demand or Not: House of CB Opens Flagship Store in LA

If you not familiar with the British label, House Of CB. You should be! It has been seen on celebrities like The Kardashians, reality-star Porsha Williams, mega-star Jennifer Lopez. All within a year House of CB has become the go-to sexy, sultry yet attention-grabbing hot-spot for garments that stun on red carpets. Conna Walker is the beauty with the brains who gave conception to the affordable luxury e-boutique in 2010. House of CB has flourished from its roots in London to expand internationally and its level  of product offerings.

Tuesday, June 14th celebrities stepped out to celebrate the opening of House of CB’s first brick and mortar in the US. As expected no opening is complete without a Kardashian.

Khloé Kardashian wore a bright-orange House of CB bodycon dress. Was she IN Demand or Not?


Also in attendance was ‘The Real’ talk show host Adrienne Bailon in a caped blush pink romper by the brand. Was she IN Demand or Not?



Written by:


Instagram: @magill2

Flower Boys : Tyler The Creator Debuts First Fashion Show 


O0a1f8394453100bd83612261aa951bf6n Saturday, June 11th at the L. A. Live Complex Tyler the Creator debuted his first Golf Wang and Golf Le Fleur collections. On first inspection, the collection is heavily injected with 1990’s hip-hop influence. Think over sized sweatshirts, polos and jeans in bright pastel colors. His collection also signaled his departure from designing collections for Van, venturing into his own shoe collection Golf Le Fleur, which in French means “Flower Boy”. His design work does not stop at clothing and accessories, as he also introduced furniture creations; imagine large Coca-Cola cans as armchairs and tables akin to what you would find in Fred Flintstones’ living room.

During the show Tyler admitted that, “I don’t know a lot about Fashion”. Yet, he retorts, “The difference between me and these niggas is that I make what I like”.


Seemingly, making what you like looks a lot like what is currently trending at the moment. Although, Golf Wang mimics a water-down version of Cross Colours. I suppose there has to be a certain amount of flattery in imitation.


As always, I will fight for originality and innovation in fashion. Those are the key ingredients that continue to propel the industry forward. Conversely, I will also always stand-for the person that has a dream, an idea and then executes. A dream fulfilled one of God’s greatest gifts.

Click to watch the show for yourself.


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Instagram: @magill2