Queen Tut Presents “Cantaloupe”: The Look book

Inspired by Queen Tut and Q The Sun’s avant-garde  juke single “Cantaloupe”, this lookbook’s visual and sound is yet another declaration of Queen tut’s true-to-self-image, smooth lyricism, and passion for her art.  This lookbook personifies the femcee’s lyrics through bold prints, soft pastels, bright neons, and whole lot of black girl/boy magic! There’s eclectic influences, deep synths and high booms  throughout the entire audio track creating this bold visual presented before our eyes.



 Cantaloupe: The Lookbook was shot by MKE based photographer Mahdi Gransberry, whose fresh interpretation of  Wisconsin hip hop renaissance has gained him recognition, and inspired this collaboration.  Tut promotes individuality, black beauty, and personal style in this unique, boundary-pushing editorial. With the assistance of Fashionable Demand’s creative set-director Michael Ja’Ameer, plus the aid of multi-talented artist & choreographers Britell Higgens & Shaverick Allen, Queen Tut steps closer to the goal of bridging Mke’s music scene with the waves that are happening throughout New York City.



The full Look book is featured on Queen Tut’s Instagram !

“Cantaloupe” can be streamed below !


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